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The BizKit is a Do-It-Yourself business development Kit for entrepreneurs and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It covers the following business areas: HR, finance, business fundamentals, personal risk assessment, branding, business name, visual identity, competition, etc.

Why the BizKit?
Mr Leke Alder has over the past 15 years consulted for many of the leading companies in Nigeria (both small and large). He observed that SMEs do not have access to consulting expertise that bigger corporations are exposed to due to the high cost. As such, there is a critical knowledge gap. (An average bank has access to at least 5 sets of consultants: management, branding, HR, IT and marketing).

He therefore asked a vital question – “How can this gap be reduced?” He decided to democratise his knowledge and expertise by developing an affordable product, built on practical business principles. The product is the BizKit.

Who needs the BizKit?
The BizKit is for the entrepreneur:

- who is not sure of the type of business to pursue
- who already has a business idea but needs the tools to turn the idea into a viable business proposition
- with an established business; who would like to refine his business model

What will the BizKit achieve?
The BizKit will help entrepreneurs refine their business ideas & business plans and take their businesses to the next level.

The BizKit will help entrepreneurs:

- discover themselves
- refine their business ideas
- profile their markets
- develop marketing plans
- organise finances
- refine their business plans
- brand their companies
- define their business essence, vision, mission & personality
- develop staff profiles
- profile competitors
- increase brand value, etc

Furthermore, the BizKit contains the following:

- 2 Business Plan templates – 1 for existing businesses and the other for new businesses
- 4 entrepreneurial self-tests that measure entreprenerial competences, strengths and weaknesses

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