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Chapter one

Ask yourself a simple, funny question. Do I just want to make money, or do I really want to build a business?

The two are not the same.

The man who just wants to make money is not really concerned about building a business structure. He's not concerned about creating an enduring institution, or a strong brand. He has a short term mentality and may fall prey to his ambition as he cuts corners here and there. He is very transactional in nature and may not have scruples.
The man that wants to build a business on the other hand, has scruples and is particular about his name.

He is prudent with resources and plows back profit into the business. He wants to build an enduring legacy that will provide jobs for many and he has his eye on history. He will not cut corners because that impacts on quality. He cares about the feelings of his customers and will not unduly jeopardise relationships. He builds capacity, invests in plants and machinery and when the business bleeds, he bleeds. He does not suck money out of the business for vanity projects, and he has an acute sense of deferred gratification. He puts in place policies to aid the growth of the company beyond him, and he institutes a system of checks and balances even if it constrains him. He trains managers and develops people. He is extremely focused and believes in purpose. The business is his life, not a passing fancy or a side attraction. He builds the business and the business builds him.

Such is the difference between the man who wants to build a business and the man who just wants to make money. If you're the latter, this book is not for you.

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