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My Boss is Demanding
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Do every other thing that would gladden my heart as a boss.

Don't take off at the stroke of 5:00pm. I know what your letter of employment says, but bosses like those who work more than they're paid. And I'm not asking you to just hang around the office when you have nothing to do. No, you'll be consuming energy and space. There's always something to do. Can't you see me?!

And you will notice that I didn't say "work hard!" That is a joke. In all my life I have never seen easy work. Work by its very nature is hard, or we won't call it work. And don't you believe those who say "work smart, not hard!" I expect you to do both - work hard and smart. That's why I hired you!

And neither did I say, "Be honest". You're supposed to be honest! I demand honesty from you. We didn't put out a recruitment advert for dishonest staff!

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