"Everytime you take a decision,
you are determining your future"

Leke Alder Square Table

Leke Alder Squaretable


Squaretable is a closed Facebook Group where I share my personal business insights with members. It is subscription based and entrepreneurs & career professionals are welcome. Every week, I leverage my experience consulting for corporations and use everyday scenarios to explain tough principles. I answer business questions and plan to host a Facebook Live session every month.


Members can network, share their own experiences and benefit from the support the community provides.


To join Squaretable, please go to the section below. To make direct payments, please use the details below. (Include your Facebook IDEmail and Phone Number in your payment notes. Very important).

Kindly allow 72 hours for confirmation of payment and acknowledgement from the Squaretable Team. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive an invitation to the group via your Facebook ID or email address.

For further enquiries or clarifications, please send an email to squaretable@lekealder.com.


Leke Alder Squaretable

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