About the Leke Alder Mentoring Programme (LAMP)

Registration for the 2024/25 cohort of the Leke Alder Mentorship Programme (LAMP) is now open!
Let me give a bit of background on the programme. In May 2020, I started the Leke Alder Mentorship Programme (LAMP). The goal was to work with 20 serious-minded entrepreneurs, coaching them one-on-one for 12 months. The programme has now evolved to include not just entrepreneurs but individuals from all works of life. The reports and testimonials have been amazing. I believe there is a need to focus on the next generation of brand builders and
dreamers. I understand that not everyone wants to build a business which is why the programme also caters to non-entrepreneurs. It will be an exclusive consultation, offering 360-degree mentoring. We will discuss business, life, relationships, faith, politics, and everything else that makes up human existence. All questions are welcome. We will create symmetry as I share very practical strategies for professional growth, personal growth, building businesses and creating brands from my wealth of experience. We will leverage your potential and ensure that you adapt to the present business and environmental imperatives. There is no age qualification and you don't need to be in Nigeria to participate in the programme as all sessions will be virtual.

Kindly note the mentoring programme attracts a financial commitment. For selected participants in Nigeria, the financial commitment is N3,000,000.00. For selected participants outside Nigeria, the financial commitment is $2,450. This is to separate the serious from the eventful. I will select individuals who place value on the programme.
Once you fill out the form, you will receive an email, IF YOU ARE SELECTED. Private messages or reminders should not be sent, please. Only selected individuals will be contacted.